After careful consideration, the management team behind Team GB Junior MX Worlds have announced the riders who will be representing Team GB at the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship, to be held at the Circuit Kamperweg Heerde in the Netherlands, on 14th July 2024,

Huge congratulations to all selected riders, chosen for their considerable race skills, dedication and hard work. Let’s bring home some medals for our country.

“It was a difficult job whittling down the selection to just five riders per class from such a large pool of British youth motocross talent,” said team manager Dave Willet. “Everyone was so close. However, ultimately, after much discussion and deliberation, we have decided on the following riders.”


  1.    Cohen Jagielski

  2.    Jett Gardiner

  3.    John Slade

  4.    Elliott Sawyer

  5.    Tommy Wood


 1. Hayden Statt

 2. Robbie Daly

3. Alfie Geddes Green

 4. Finley Pickering

5. Blake Ward Clarke


1. Jamie Kieth

2. Josh Vail

3. Charlie Richmond

4. Jake Walker

5. Sonny Rooney


The ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship is gearing up to be one of the best!

The official ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship has been running under the umbrella of the annual Kent-based Apico 2-Stroke Festival since the event’s inception back in 2017.

Now, with the Championship in its eighth year, a groundbreaking collaboration has been formed with the Fastest 40 to enhance the reach of the series and extend it to eight rounds. Six rounds will coincide with the Fastest 40 Championship, kicking off at the iconic Hawkstone Park, while the sixth and seventh rounds will be a Saturday/Sunday double header at the Apico 2-Stroke Festival, incorporating the Red Bull Pro Stroke National, at Sellindge MX, Kent, over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of August.

The pre-season status of the class proved this partnership to be a popular one, with riders quickly registering their interesting and securing their entries for the season.

The ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship schedule is;

Round 1 – March 30th – Fastest 40, Hawkstone Park

Round 2 – April 20th – Fastest 40, Foxhill

Round 3 – May 11th – Fastest 40, Preston Docks

Round 4 – June 1st – Fastest 40, Landrake

Round 5 – July 6th – Fastest 40, TBA

Round 6 – August 17th – Apico 2-Stroke Festival, Sellindge MX

Round 7 – August 18th – Apico 2-Stroke Festival, Sellindge MX

Round 8 – September 7th – Fastest 40, TBA

The Apico 2-Stroke Festival has a long-standing relationship with leading off-road media outlet MotoHead which will serve to guarantee in-depth exposure for the British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship and its competitors.

Furthermore, Dave Willet, the promoter of the Apico 2-Stroke Festival is also the Team Manager for the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship and the FIM Coupe de L’Avenir. He will be in attendance for all the British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship rounds, keeping a close eye on all competitors as they showcase their skills on the track.

“This alliance between the Apico 2-Stroke Festival and the Fastest 40 is hugely important for the UK motocross scene,” said Willet. “The EMX Style format for the 125cc class where youth and adult riders are combined, yet scored separately, will help to develop younger talent. We believe the challenge of competing against more experienced riders will motivate and prepare them for a career in the sport.”


The Auto Cycle Union (ACU) has confirmed its partnership with Dave Willet of the X-Bladez Club and will collaborate with him and his crew on projects planned for the Kent-based Sellindge MX and other facilities.

The ACU is committed to facilitating seamless operations and fostering a conducive environment for all motorcycle sport activities. The organisation will support Willet and his associates in their endeavours to operate premium practice and training days and become ACU-registered coaches.

Willet and Co played a pivotal role in successfully placing a number of the UK’s talented youth motocross riders on the world stage last year, firstly in Romania at the FIM Junior Motocross World Championship and then in Belgium for the Coupe de l’Avenir.

While Willet was the front man, it was thanks to the efforts of his valued team, sponsors and, of course, the parents who shared their wealth of experience in race craft and training, to support the young racers. They all worked together to develop the youngsters’ on and off-bike talents and encouraged them to act in a professional manner while representing their country. This clearly made an impact with the ACU.

Sonia Goggin, the ACU’s Motocross Commission Co-ordinator said; “We look forward to supporting Dave and his support network every step of the way, to achieve outcomes that benefit the sport in the UK.”

Commenting on this important step forward, Willet added; “We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with the ACU for our new plans. This partnership aims to achieve outcomes that will greatly benefit the off-road sport community.

“Our ultimate goal is to provide facilities that will introduce new concepts, making it easier for beginners to enter the sport. Additionally, we will be offering a variety of training opportunities under ACU affiliation.

“We are confident that this collaboration will bring positive changes to off-road sport in the UK, and we can’t wait to get going.”

Pictured: Dave Willet and team are passionate about nurturing the UK’s motocross fraternity.


In line with many organisers of large scale events, the Apico 2-Stroke Festival featuring the Red Bull Pro Stroke National heavily relies on the support of both local and national partners in order to successfully run its race meetings.

As plans for the 2024 Festival at Sellindge MX in Kent start to take shape, long-term partner Ovenden Plant Hire has renewed its relationship with promoter Dave Willet for the eighth edition of the event.

“It’s amazing to have Ovenden continue its support.,” said Willet. “The firm has been with us from the very beginning. Ovenden is a family-owned, Kent-based company with over 45 years’ experience in plant hire, haulage, contracting, and much more and the team behind it truly loves motorsport. It’s fantastic to have them on board in 2024. They’ve been such an integral part of making this event possible, and we couldn’t have done it without them. They’ve literally helped shape the event and venue.”

The 2024 Apico 2-Stroke Festival will be held over the weekend of the 17th and 18th of August at Sellindge MX, Kent which is located between Ashford and Folkestone.

Pictured top: 2019 Apico 2-Stroke Festival – #15 Bradley Wheeler, ACU British Open 2-stroke Champion and #91 Nathan Watson – who was picked for Team GB in the Motocross of Nations that year.

Image credit: Adam Duckworth Photography.


The Red Bull Pro Stroke National is set to be back with a bang in 2024, bigger and better than ever.

Running alongside the Apico 2-Stroke Festival weekend at Sellindge MX track in Kent, on Sunday the 18th of August, the Pro and Pro-Am event will see both MX1 and MX2 riders race against each other at the same time, on the same track. While this will make an epic spectacle for spectators, the competitors will have the reassurance of both classes being scored separately.

Festival promoter Dave Willet believes the Red Bull Pro Stroke National provides an important platform for UK racers to test themselves and put themselves in front of heavyweights within the sport. For example, Conrad Mewse deputed on a KTM450 against Tommy Searle in 2022, and upcoming young gun Billy Askew stepped up as a youth rider to compete against the adults and won the MX2 class, highlighting his skills to Red Bull in the process.

Willet outlined his thoughts; “While, like most, I am a believer in the 125 2-Stroke class as a stepping stone into Europe, it would be rash to discount MXGP as the pinnacle of the sport. Our aim is to offer a way to help develop our riders and the sport in the UK to help younger riders get on the world stage.

“Also, in 2023 the Red Bull Pro Stroke National was up there in terms of offering big prize money, perhaps the biggest for a single event in the UK. That’s important too and is an incentive that will continue.”

Pictured: Billy Askew at the 2023 Apico 2-Stroke Festival. Image credit: Adam Duckworth Photography.


The recently-launched official ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship will kick off at Hawkstone Park in March 2024, when the Fastest 40 takes to the iconic motocross track near Shrewsbury.

The 2024 Apico 2-Stroke Festival partnership with the Fastest-40 will see an eight-round, ACU-sanctioned British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship. The Festival at Sellindge in Kent in August will include a Saturday/Sunday double-header, providing two rounds of the series. The Fastest-40 will run the other six rounds on a nationwide basis.

There are few motocross racers who don’t relish the chance to race at Hawkstone. The chance to race and to rip up the famous Hawkstone Hill is an opportunity not to be missed. And, for some of the fastest youngsters in motocross, getting to mix it with several 125cc vets in a full 40-rider line-up, all fighting for a British title, on such a challenging track, will be a dream come true.

The ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship schedule is as follows;

Round 1 – March 30th – Fastest 40

Round 2 – April 20th – Fastest 40

Round 3 – May 11th – Fastest 40

Round 4 – June 1st – Fastest 40

Round 5 – July 6th– Fastest 40

Round 6 – August 17th – Apico 2-Stroke Festival

Round 7 – August 18th – Apico 2-Stroke Festival

Round 8 – September 7th – Fastest 40

“With some of the fastest youngsters in motocross sharpening up their skills for this championship, it’s going to be ultra-competitive, especially when you add-in some of the 125 veterans,” said Apico 2-Stroke Festival promoter Dave Willet. “I’m sure the atmosphere will be off the scale, and I can’t wait to see 40 riders in the main race battling right the way through the field.”

To register for the series email kevin@fastest40.co.uk

Details of how to enter will be available at www.fastest40.co.uk and www.2strokefestival.com and on social media platforms in the New Year.

Image credit: Adam Duckworth Photography.


The ever-popular annual Apico 2-Stroke Festival has sealed a deal with the newly-renamed Fastest-40 Championship, previously known as the MX Nationals, to include and enhance the official ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship.

The 125cc 2-Stroke class has been a passion of the Apico 2-Stroke Festival organiser Dave Willet, a former 125cc 2-Stroke British Champion and avid campaigner, for the ‘almost-forgotten’ MX two-stroke category.

Willet launched the 2-Stroke Festival in 2017 with unwavering support from off-road parts and accessories distributor Apico Factory Racing, and it has increased in rider and spectator popularity.

The Festival format has expanded from its original two-day event to a new three-day format planned for a weekend in August 2024. And now the 2024 Apico 2-Stroke Festival partnership with the Fastest-40 will see an eight-round, ACU-sanctioned British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship. The Festival at Sellindge in Kent will include a Saturday/Sunday double-header, providing two rounds of the series. The Fastest-40 will run the other six rounds on a nation-wide basis.

The idea of the series is to provide an open platform for all 125cc two-stroke riders, whether they are youngsters with aspirations to shine on the world MX stage, novice riders getting out on the track for the first time or veterans getting back in the saddle.

Fastest-40 Championship organiser Paul Irwin explains: “I’m really excited to be working on this concept with Dave Willet.

“Our goal is to create a championship for 125cc two-stroke riders as a stepping stone to the official FIM European EMX 125 series. Riding a 125cc machine can be incredibly challenging, but we believe that introducing this championship series will help ease the transition up to the European series.”

Dave Willet, Apico 2-Stroke Festival promoter, added: “I’ve always believed that 125cc two-strokes should be given more exposure, with the potential for more talent to be discovered and developed. I’m really happy that Paul and I have come together to create a clear path for the next generation of riders.

“With our combined resources, I’m confident we can make a real impact in the UK and Europe.”

Further details will be posted soon.

Pictured: Paul Irwin (left) and Dave Willet (right) shake on the new collaboration.


The team behind the Apico 2-Stroke Festival featuring the Red Bull Pro Stroke National has confirmed its biggest-ever rider support for its 2024 three-day event.

Promoter Dave Willet and long-standing partner Dylan Brown of Apico Factory Racing have agreed a £15,000 deal for the increasingly-popular summertime race weekend which has become a firm fixture on the calendar for riders of all abilities, whether just-for-fun or fast-paced and competitive motocross.

The extended collaboration is expected to open the doors to the many high-end brands distributed by the Burnley-based trade firm, delivering more opportunities for rewarding riders across the ranks.

Commenting on the significant prize pot, Willet said; “Ever since my first event, one of my main concerns has been to support those who support us. After opening the event up to more riders and classes at short notice last year, I quickly realised I need to try and give back to more riders. Dylan and his partner Anna have been brilliant over the years and recognised I need the type of investment that will allow us to achieve just that!”

Speaking on behalf of the Apico team, Brown added; “Anna and I absolutely love coming to the Festival each year. Witnessing the riders and spectators enjoying themselves and the positive energy that comes with it is really inspiring. We feel it’s the best event to give back to the motocross community and, as such, we take great pleasure from being in a position to increase our level of support.”

A confirmed date, entry details and ticket information will be released very shortly at www.2strokefestival.com

Pictured: Jamie Law at the 2023 Apico 2-Stroke Festival. Image credit: Adam Duckworth Photography.

Apico 2-Stroke Festival ends on a high

The hugely successful Apico 2-Stroke Festival, featuring the Red Bull Pro-Stroke National, returned to Sellindge in Kent last weekend, Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd of July.

Over 300 riders, including reigning and former British Champions, rocked up for the event which featured packed start-lines and non-stop action across a two-day celebration of all old-school style two-stroke motocross and modern-day four-stroke racing. It included ACU British Championship status for the 2-Stroke 125, Open, Evo and Super Evo classes. Its Over 40s Open 2-stroke attracted a packed field and, the Red Bull Noughties welcomed riders with machines from 2000 to 2008. The programme also included youth classes catering for 125, 250F, BW and SW85s.

Energy drinks giant Red Bull is once again supported the Festival over both days, with the Red Bull Pro-Stroke National Clubman MX1/MX2 and the Red Bull Pro-Stroke National, with classes for Pro/Expert MX1 and MX2.

With serious prize money and top-quality products up for grabs the racing was tight and competitive across all classes, giving the record Festival crowd plenty to cheer.

Saturday’s schedule was cut short due to a heavy dump of the wet stuff. The decision was supported by all riders as, thanks to the pre-event preparation and overnight maintenance, the track was in prime condition for the full set of racing on Sunday.

Conrad Mewse, Josh Gilbert and Tommy Searle were the ones to beat in the Red Bull Pro-Stroke National MX1 group. Mewse won both races in convincing style with Gilbert taking the runners-up slot and Searle third in both. Brad Todd was fourth and Martin Barr, who also contested and finished third overall in the British Open Two-Stroke Championship, was fifth.

In his adult debut, youth MXY2 star Billy Askew, is proving to be the one to watch. Having won the first Youth 250F race on Saturday. He fired out of the gate to go second and first and take the Red Bull Pro-Stroke National MX2 overall on Sunday. Dylan Walsh was second overall with a third and second and Josh Spinks, with an opening moto win followed by a sixth, rounded out the podium. Dylan Woodcock finished fourth, followed by Ollie Beamish in fifth.

On the British Championship front, Glenn McCormick cleaned up in the ACU British 125 Two-Stroke Championship with three wins from three starts. Young Wal Beaney took a third and two seconds and Rob Holyoake a second and two thirds. Twenty-seven riders packed out the grid for this popular group which saw former MotoGP race winner Bradley Smith take a solid fifth.

The ACU British Open Two-Stroke Championship was won by local rider Raife Broadley with a fourth place and two wins. Josh Coleman was runner up in all three races with MX1 Apico-supported Martin Barr topping off a busy and productive weekend with a seventh, fourth and third to secure third overall. The opening race of this British Championship class on Saturday was won by Matt Bayliss with Josh Coleman second and Tommy Searle, having a bit of fun and enjoying the sounds and smells of the smokers, in third.

Completing the British Championship classes were the ACU British Evo groups with combined Evo and Super Evo classes. Another local rider Steve Bixby made the British Evo his own by taking all three wins in the Evo Championship. Jon Barfoot went three-two-two to take second and Scott Allen’s sixth, second and fifth earned him third overall. From the world of Quad racing, Sheldon Seal was the runner up in Saturday’s first race. The British Super Evo saw the top three take the same finish positions in each moto with Josh Spinks, who was on fire having also secured third overall in the Red Bull Pro Stroke Nationals MX2, victorious in first place. Rob Holyoake, backing up his British 125 2-Stroke third place with another British podium placing in second and popular Welshman Glen Phillips in third.

Elsewhere in the Apico 2-Stroke Festival field, the Over 40s was won by Michael Chesney with three wins, followed by Paul Moore and Mike Allport. The Red Bull Noughties also had a clear winner with Charlie Nudds taking the honours, Josh Mayo second and Tom Brown third.

Sticking with the Red Bull featured classes, over 40 riders raced the mixed Pro Stroke Clubman MX1 and MX2. Ben Lambert, Paul Barrand and Chris Chapman completed the MX1 podium while Rheis Morter, John Waghorne and Connor Disano took the top steps in the MX2 class.

On the Youth scene, with over 60 riders booked in for the Youth 125 and 250F, the classes were split into A and B groups with qualification on Saturday deciding the grids. The 125 A class was won by Levi Saunders with Travis Laughton second and Max Corke third. Riding in the same group, the 250F was won overall by Liam Bennet, with Jake Cappa second and Reece Hall third. Billy Askew took the win in race one. Blake Monks, Jamie Taylor and Shane Woodsford were the 125 B top three.

The big-wheel and small-wheel 85s rode were out on track together. In the big-wheels, Charlie Richmond took the first two wins and Jamie Keith the third. Robbie Daly posted three third place finishes. The small-wheels was won by Ralph-Jay Holloway with triple wins, Harley Ince was second and Mason Doe third.

In a first for an ACU-supported national motocross event, some 60 junior riders across Autos A and B, Electric E4 and Electric E5, alongside Revvi balance bike 12” and 16” models had a blast on a purpose-built track where they could contest their own races safely away from the main arena. This an area Festival promoter Dave Willet intends to grow and will be working closely with manufacturers and major players within this expanding industry.

Commenting on the seventh successful running of the Apico Two-Stroke Fesitval featuring the Red Bull Nationals, Willet said; “It’s been an absolute insane month. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to get everything ready and while it’s been a lot, it’s been so worth it. I can’t express how much I appreciate all the patience and support we’ve had from everyone.

A big thank you to all the individuals, sponsors, and supporters who have helped us out. Without all of you, we wouldn’t be able to bring these events to life. I’m such a big supporter of UK motocross and I’d love to see our island become the go-to place for all things on two wheels.”

Overall results:

Red Bull Pro Stroke National MX1:

1. Conrad Mewse 90, 2. Josh Gilbert 84, 3. Tommy Searle 80.

Red Bull Pro Stroke National MX2:

1. Billy Askew 87, 2. Dylan Walsh 82, 3. Josh Spinks 80.

ACU British 125 two-stroke:

1. Glenn McCormick 135 points, 2. Wal Beaney 124, 3. Rob Holyoake 122.

ACU British Open two-stroke:

1. Raife Broadley 128 points, 2. Josh Coleman 126, 3. Martin Barr 112.

ACU British Evo two-stroke:

1. Steve Bixby 135 points, 2. Jon Barfood 124, 3. Scott Allen 111.

ACU British Super Evo two-stroke:

1. Josh Spinks 135, 2. Rob Holyoake 126, 3. Glen Phillips 120.

Red Bull Pro Stroke National Clubman MX1:

1. Ben Lambert 127, 2. Paul Barrand 125, 3. Chris Chapman 121.

Red Bull Pro Stroke National Clubman MX2

1. Rheis Morter 130, 2. John Waghorne 122, 3. Connor Disano 106.

Red Bull Noughties:

1. Charlie Nudds 135, 2. Josh Mayo 122, 3. Tom Brown 120.

Over 40s Open 2- stroke:

1. Michael Chesney 135, 2. Paul Moore 122, 3. Mike Allport 120.

Youth 125:

A: 1. Levi Saunders 132, 2. Travis Laughton 127, 3. Max Corke 118.

B: 1. Blake Monks 132, 2. Jamie Taylor 115, 3. Shane Woodsford 110.

Youth 250F:

1. Liam Bennett 132, 2. Jake Cappa 124, 3. Reece Hall 118.

Youth BW/SW85:

BW: 1. Charlie Richmond 132, 2. Jamie Keith 129, 3. Robbie Daly 120.

SW: 1. Ralph-Jay Holloway 135, 2. Harley Ince 124, 3. Mason Doe 122.

The 2023 Apico 2-Stroke Festival was supported by Red Bull, Ovenden Plant Hire, TW Services

ACS scaffolding, Harris Hire Hockley and Lee Dunham Racing.


Conrad Mewse won the Red Bull Pro Stroke Nationals MX1 (Mark Lee Sing)

Tommy Searle had a blast in the British Open 2-Stroke Championship (Adam Duckworth)

Martin Barr/Conrad Mewse in Red Bull Pro Stroke Nationals MX1 (Mark Lee Sing)

Billy Askew (Adam Duckworth)

Glenn McCormick British 125 2-Stroke Championship (Adam Duckworth)

Glen Phillips from Steve Bixby British Evo Championship (Adam Duckworth)

Clubman start (Adam Duckworth)

Youth 125/250 start (Adam Duckworth)

Michelin joins the Apico 2-Stroke Festival

Michelin, one of the world’s leading tyre manufactures, has stepped forward to support the Apico 2-Stroke Festival series for 2019. 

Michelin is distributed by Apico in the UK. Michelin wanted to be involved in this year’s 2-stroke festival after recognising the passion for 2-stroke racing.

The 2-stroke scene is booming and with bike sales growing, the Apico 2-Stroke festival is more than happy to welcome Michelin on board to help support grass roots riders. 

Apico boss Dylan Brown said: “Michelin has been a partner with Apico for over a decade and they have been really impressed with our passion to develop the sport with the Apico 2 Stroke Festival. They wanted to join the party and encourage new and old riders that 2-strokes a still very much alive.”

Festival organiser Dave Willet said: “It’s so satisfying to have Michelin involved with the series. We currently have a lot of amazing brands attached to the festival and now with Michelin’s involvement, it strengthens the series which in return will benefit our grass roots riders.”

The Apico 2-Stroke Festival dates and venue are:
May 25th/26th – Marshfield Mx, Wiltshire  
August 3rd/4th – Iron Works Moto Parc, Middlesborough
September 21st/22nd – Sellindge MX, Kent

Marshfield entry is now open – follow the link to ENTER

Registration is open and until the first round. It will be open for day entries two weeks before the Marshfield opener. The Registration fee of £75 secures you a place at every round, and the cost is £95 per round for Registered riders. All riders must be ACU affiliated, and transponders can be hired on the day. http://www.2strokefestival.com/