The tracks are ideal for all ages and abilities

The track is key to the racing and is the heart of the events. We want nothing more for you to get creative on your 2-stroke on a track that you’ll love. Sellindge will be revamped before the event. We’ll be working hard to get the balance right to make sure it’s fun to ride and race. The plans look good and it’s something we are really excited about as we’ll be bringing an old school/new school feel. The youth, adults, modern and Evos will love it.

The dates for the 2023 season are as follows:
July 22-23

No need to worry about it being a GP-style track, as the Apico 2-Stroke festival will be held on a track that doesn’t have huge doubles or supercross whoops. It’s just a fast and flowing track that’s suitable for all ages of rider and all ages of the bike. Go as fast as you dare! 

No handlebar-deep sand whoops to swallow you up! It’ll be groomed well, too, to make it as fun as possible.