The recently-launched official ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship will kick off at Hawkstone Park in March 2024, when the Fastest 40 takes to the iconic motocross track near Shrewsbury.

The 2024 Apico 2-Stroke Festival partnership with the Fastest-40 will see an eight-round, ACU-sanctioned British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship. The Festival at Sellindge in Kent in August will include a Saturday/Sunday double-header, providing two rounds of the series. The Fastest-40 will run the other six rounds on a nationwide basis.

There are few motocross racers who don’t relish the chance to race at Hawkstone. The chance to race and to rip up the famous Hawkstone Hill is an opportunity not to be missed. And, for some of the fastest youngsters in motocross, getting to mix it with several 125cc vets in a full 40-rider line-up, all fighting for a British title, on such a challenging track, will be a dream come true.

The ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival British 125cc 2-Stroke Championship schedule is as follows;

Round 1 – March 30th – Fastest 40

Round 2 – April 20th – Fastest 40

Round 3 – May 11th – Fastest 40

Round 4 – June 1st – Fastest 40

Round 5 – July 6th– Fastest 40

Round 6 – August 17th – Apico 2-Stroke Festival

Round 7 – August 18th – Apico 2-Stroke Festival

Round 8 – September 7th – Fastest 40

“With some of the fastest youngsters in motocross sharpening up their skills for this championship, it’s going to be ultra-competitive, especially when you add-in some of the 125 veterans,” said Apico 2-Stroke Festival promoter Dave Willet. “I’m sure the atmosphere will be off the scale, and I can’t wait to see 40 riders in the main race battling right the way through the field.”

To register for the series email

Details of how to enter will be available at and and on social media platforms in the New Year.

Image credit: Adam Duckworth Photography.