Apico 2-Stroke Festival – Old school family fun for the premix fan!

The Apico 2-Stroke Festival vision and focus have always been aimed at getting the young, old, the experienced or newbie rider together to create an event atmosphere second to none, it’s all about that race buzz and to experience a memorable weekend of racing. 

Ever since the first meeting back in 2017, we have provided exactly what we said we would for all in the paddock. The series is for everyone who enjoys two-stroke racing and bikes, new bikes or well-loved older bikes, there are classes for just about everyone and this year we have four British ACU titles up for grabs for the first time, we are progressing at a rapid rate which is great for two-stroke racing here in the UK. We also stay true to the grass root riders of the sport, the working class rider and the core of our beloved two-strokes.

The tracks used for the series are scattered around the UK in a triangle figure, each track offers something a little different to challenge the riders. The circuits themselves are of a high standard and prepped to the best they can be which delivers high action quality two-stroke racing. With all that said and done,  watch the video and listen to riders which have attended the events – they love it for so many reasons.

The two-stroke scene is picking up fast, not just in the UK but globally and we plan to be at the forefront at what we do.

The Apico 2-Stroke Festival dates and venue are as follows:
May 25th/26th – Marshfield Mx, Wiltshire  
August 3rd/4th – Iron Works Moto Parc, Middlesborough
September 21st/22nd – Sellindge MX, Kent

Registration is open and will close on April 24th 2019. It will be open for day entries at the Marshfield opener. The Registration fee of £75 secures you a place at every round, and the cost is £95 per round for Registered riders. All riders must be ACU affiliated, and transponders can be hired on the day. http://www.2strokefestival.com/

British 2-Stroke championship saved by Apico 2-Stroke Festival

Following the unfortunate announcement regarding the British 2-Stroke Championship last weekend the ACU are pleased to confirm the ACU British Open 2-Stroke championship will now be run as part of the Apico 2-Stroke Festival series for 2019.

After the prestigious six-round series was dropped from the Maxxis British championship schedule due to lack of entries this month, the Apico 2-Stroke Festival has stepped in to keep the championship alive. The open-class British 2-Stroke championship will be incorporated into the six-race Festival alongside separate 125, Evo and Super Evo British titles.

ACU Motocross Chairman Steve McCauley, “Following the enforced cancellation of the Championship from the Maxxis series due to the very low number of riders who registered for the series we were left with a few unanswered questions and the remains of what had been an incredibly popular and successful series. I was in absolutely no doubt that there was still a potential to continue the success of the previous two seasons and to find a new home for this extremely prestigious title and give something back to the riders who supported the class.”

“The perfect place for this appeared to be the new ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival which fits the mould perfectly and provides both a fun and professional environment for British Open 2-Stroke Championship to grow. For this reason, the Motocross Committee entered into discussion with Dave Willet and I am totally delighted to have reached a successful agreement which will see the series which we started with such aplomb carry on indefinitely”

Apico 2-Stroke Festival organiser Dave Willet said: “This is a massive boost for the series and all involved. The concept of the 2-Stroke Festival was to deliver not only a boost for grassroots riders but also bring on youth in the sport, to help their progression and development. Adding on not one but four British titles is the icing on the cake.”

“By adding this adult British title to the series, it ups the profile of the championship even more. This is great for 2- stroke riders because they can approach potential sponsors off the back of being a potential British champion. And of course, the festival’s level of promotion is second to none.”

The Apico 2-Stroke Festival schedule is:
May 25-26                           Marshfield, Wiltshire.
August 3-4                          Ironworks, Middlesborough
September 21-22             Sellindge, Kent.

Registration is now open and will close on April 24th 2019.
The Registration fee of £75 secures you a place at every round, and the cost is £95 per round for Registered riders.