Red Bull commits to Two-Stroke motocross for 2019 and beyond by supporting the Apico 2-Stroke Festival

The world’s premier energy drink brand will support the three-round Apico 2-Stroke Festival series in 2019 and beyond.

Red Bull backs a huge range of motorsport events around the world and is keen to support ground-breaking events like the Apico 2-Stroke Festival. This year the company went all-in by making the famous Red Bull Straight Rhythm head-to-head race in California for two-strokes only – and it hasn’t stopped there by showing love for the two-strokes in the UK.  

Red Bull athlete support is second to none in the world of motorsport including competitors such as world champion motocross superstars Tony Cairoli and Jeffrey Herlings, plus Supercross stars like Ken Roczen and Marvin Musquin. 

Red Bull will be in attendance at all three festival rounds in 2019, starting at round one on May 25-26 at the legendary Marshfield Moto Parc in Wiltshire. Red Bull want to start by working with the grassroots of the sport and believe the festival is the ideal place to start after attending Sellindge Mx last year the brand bought into the atmosphere of the event and really like vibe and focus for everyone to enjoy themselves both on and off track. 

The brands passion for motorsport in general is second to none however they’ve been absent from UK Motocross events for a while and feel that’s all changed as the brand is 100% behind the petrol heads of the sport. 

Red Bull are in talks with their UK-supported riders to attend some of the events in 2019, like last year when KTM factory rider Jonny Walker raced at the final round in Kent.

Event organiser, Dave Willet: “To be working alongside such a huge global brand so early on at this stage is insane. After meeting the Red Bull team and discussing future plans it really pleased me to have such a cool creative bunch of individual sharing the same passion as we do. This is very exciting times for UK motocross as a whole not just the 2-stroke revolution.”

The dates for the 2019 season are as follows:

May 25th and 26th – Marshfield MX, Wiltshire
August 3rd and 4th – Iron Works Moto Parc
September 21st and 22nd – Sellindge MX, Kent

Registration is open and will close on April 24th 2019. It will be open for day entries at the Marshfield opener. 

The Registration fee of £75 secures you a place at every round, and the cost is £95 per round for Registered riders. All riders must be ACU affiliated, and transponders can be hired on the day.

Apico 2-Stroke Festival announces £5000 sponsorship package for 2019

This season the Apico 2-Stroke Festival gave away a lot of prizes to riders of all levels and gave the massive opportunity to one lucky rider in the 85cc class for supporting the Apico 2-stroke festival. The young winner received a sponsorship package worth £5000 for 2019 from the title sponsor Apico Factory Racing. You may have already seen the talented young rider Jack Grayshon across our channels.  

We are pleased to announce that Apico Factory Racing will continue to support the 2019 2-Stroke Festival with product and prizes for registered riders of the series and offer one 85cc rider the same dream deal of being an Apico sponsored rider. The deal is worth £5000 for the 2019 season.

Apico’s Dylan Brown is the man behind this amazing and unique collaboration, his passion for the sport is huge. He believes there are so many talented young riders out there and is keen to nurture the riders of tomorrow, who are willing to commit to the sport they have so much passion for:

“It is good to see such talented riders we’ve helped coming through to the pro ranks and doing well with the support our company is able to offer them. I’d like to think that there’s a young rider out there now that deserves help and who could be a top-level rider in a few years’ time. We at Apico Factory Racing would all be proud to have helped someone achieve their dream of becoming a professional rider. I would hope that they can deliver back on the sponsorship and develop a working relationship together with Apico Factory Racing for the future.”

Apico 2-Stroke Festival organiser Dave Willet said:  
“It’s great to be involved with such passionate companies within the industry. Apico have been brilliant and fully supportive from the beginning. We share the same vision in what we want to achieve which is a fun family racing atmosphere, rewarding the efforts from the grassroots riders, but also to offer a level of progression for the youth of the sport. So just to clarify all ACU license holders will be taken into consideration for the world and EMX events in 2019 and beyond. 

Companies like Apico Factory Racing are able to offer the tools for the job in hand and help talented riders to progress and fulfil the dreams and expectations.”

The dates for the 2019 season are as follows:
May 25th and 26th – Marshfield MX, Wiltshire
August 3rd and 4th – Iron Works Moto Parc
September 21st and 22nd – Sellindge MX, Kent

Registration is open and will close on April 24th 2019. It will be open for day entries at the Marshfield opener. The Registration fee of £75 secures you a place at every round, and the cost is £95 per round for Registered riders. All riders must be ACU affiliated, and transponders can be hired on the day. 

Image by Adam Duckworth

British 2-Stroke championship saved by Apico 2-Stroke Festival

Following the unfortunate announcement regarding the British 2-Stroke Championship last weekend the ACU are pleased to confirm the ACU British Open 2-Stroke championship will now be run as part of the Apico 2-Stroke Festival series for 2019.

After the prestigious six-round series was dropped from the Maxxis British championship schedule due to lack of entries this month, the Apico 2-Stroke Festival has stepped in to keep the championship alive. The open-class British 2-Stroke championship will be incorporated into the six-race Festival alongside separate 125, Evo and Super Evo British titles.

ACU Motocross Chairman Steve McCauley, “Following the enforced cancellation of the Championship from the Maxxis series due to the very low number of riders who registered for the series we were left with a few unanswered questions and the remains of what had been an incredibly popular and successful series. I was in absolutely no doubt that there was still a potential to continue the success of the previous two seasons and to find a new home for this extremely prestigious title and give something back to the riders who supported the class.”

“The perfect place for this appeared to be the new ACU Apico 2-Stroke Festival which fits the mould perfectly and provides both a fun and professional environment for British Open 2-Stroke Championship to grow. For this reason, the Motocross Committee entered into discussion with Dave Willet and I am totally delighted to have reached a successful agreement which will see the series which we started with such aplomb carry on indefinitely”

Apico 2-Stroke Festival organiser Dave Willet said: “This is a massive boost for the series and all involved. The concept of the 2-Stroke Festival was to deliver not only a boost for grassroots riders but also bring on youth in the sport, to help their progression and development. Adding on not one but four British titles is the icing on the cake.”

“By adding this adult British title to the series, it ups the profile of the championship even more. This is great for 2- stroke riders because they can approach potential sponsors off the back of being a potential British champion. And of course, the festival’s level of promotion is second to none.”

The Apico 2-Stroke Festival schedule is:
May 25-26                           Marshfield, Wiltshire.
August 3-4                          Ironworks, Middlesborough
September 21-22             Sellindge, Kent.

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Registration is now open and will close on April 24th 2019.
The Registration fee of £75 secures you a place at every round, and the cost is £95 per round for Registered riders.

Apico 2 Stroke Festival Joins the ACU for 2019

Following recent negotiations, the ACU are pleased to confirm that the Apico 2 Stroke Festival will be joining the ACU for 2019 and beyond.

The Apico 2 Stroke Festival is the brain child of 2 Stroke enthusiast Dave Willet and after just a couple of years carving out a niche as the UK’s top race meetings for lovers of 2-stroke machines has grown to a 3-round series for the 2019 season. The 2019 season will see the championship continue to grow in stature as the ideal environment for relaxed but professionally run 2 stroke events.

In conjunction with the 2 Stroke Festival becoming an ACU sanctioned championship, it will also be hosting the All New Apico 2 Stroke ACU British 125cc Adult Championship along with resurrecting the British Evo and Super Evo Championships.

These classes will be run as part of the Apico 2-Stroke Festival which will retain its regular classes for modern bikes and youths on 85s. This is a huge step forward for an event which has already been a huge hit, attracting riders from youths to veterans, clubmen to top professionals like EMX300 champion Brad Anderson.

The dates for the 2019 season are as follows:
May 25th and 26th – Marshfield MX, Wiltshire
August 3rd and 4th – Iron Works Moto Parc, Middlesborough
September 21st and 22nd – Sellindge MX, Kent

The move to the ACU will also allow riders of the Apico 2 Stroke Festival to the progress into the Maxxis ACU British 2 Stroke Championship and European Championship events in the future.

“The event has grown into something very special,” says organiser Dave Willet, former British 125 and 250 2-stroke champion. “We pride ourselves on the classic, old-school style of grass roots racing, with tracks chosen to reflect our ethos of ‘racing for all’. We aim to continue giving riders what they deserve – well-prepared tracks suitable for all bikes and abilities, a fun-fill filled weekend and even support for their racing with the brands involved in the series.”

Dave Willet and team ACU

In 2018, one rider won a £5000 sponsorship package from Apico, and many others won prizes ranging from Arai helmets to complete oil packages. And adults walked off with prize money in many classes. The lucky recipient of the sponsorship package was 85 class winner Jack Grayshon.

“With the announcement the Apico 2-Stroke Festival is backed by the UK’s governing body of motorcycle sport, the ACU, and the inclusion of three national British championship classes, 2019 is set to be a great year for all involved” says Dave Willet. “Racing 2-strokes is here to stay, and it’s cost-effective fun for all riders from clubmen and youth to and professionals. The fun of racing is backAll-Newand it’s 2-stroke.”

Classes for 2019 are:

  • ACU British Adult 125
  • ACU British Evo
  • ACU British Super Evo
  • 85cc Youth Supermini SW/BW
  • 125cc Rookie class
  • 125cc Fast (Intermediate/Novice)
  • 250cc Fast (Intermediate/Novice)
  • 250cc Faster (Expert)

Registration is open and will close on April 24th 2019. It will be open for day entries at the Marshfield opener. The Registration fee of £75 secures you a place at every round, and the cost is £95 per round for Registered riders. All riders must be ACU affiliated, and transponders can be hired on the day.

Registration for the 2019 Apico 2-Stroke Festival is now open. HIT the link to enter ⬇️ ➡️ HERE ⬅️

Three festivals for 2018!

The adage ‘success breeds success’ could have been penned for the Apico 2-Stroke Festival as, following its inaugural outing last year, the organisers have decided to go out on a limb and run an additional two events in 2018.

The hunger for grass-roots racing is at an all-time high. Two-stroke devotees have voiced their collective demands, and former British Two-Stroke champ Dave Willet has listened. The hugely popular inaugural 2-Stroke festival, held last year in Kent will, for 2018, be a three-round championship covering the north, west and south of the UK. Priding itself on the classic ‘old-school’ style of racing, the organiser has gone to great lengths to ensure the chosen tracks reflect on its ethos of ‘racing for all’.

The 2018 British Two-Stroke series will kick off over the weekend of the 16th and 17th of June at Marshfield motocross track in Chippenham, Wiltshire. This track, according to Willet, is a popular one thanks to its natural layout and tacky terrain.

The second leg will see the series travel north to the ‘Iron Works’ in Middlesbrough which is a new circuit for 2018. Jonny Douglas Hamilton has been drafted in to sculpt the track to perfection, ready for the arrival of the festival on the 7th and 8th of July.

Then finally, the British Two-Stroke Tour makes a welcome return to its birth place; Sellindge in Kent. This highly-rated track is a racer’s dream; natural flowing, softy undulating, quick-to-dry, great viewing, fantastic facilities; in short, save the date – 4th and 5th August 2018!

Sellindge is great for old and new bikes

Said Apico 2-Stroke Festival organiser Dave Willet; “I couldn’t have asked for anything better than the response we had from our first-ever event last year. There is no better feeling than seeing a field full of riders of all abilities and ages re-igniting and sharing their passion in a competitive environment.

We made the decision to grow this into three areas of the UK this year due to rider demand. I’m really happy with the tracks selected because it’s important for me to get the balance right. We have something for everyone; Pro, Beginners, Evo and Modern. I feel we’ve ticked all the boxes have every confidence that with the support of so many, we can make this revival work!”

Registered riders save around £25 if they intend on doing all three rounds. Registration will close on May 1 and then it will be open for day entries at Marshfield. A £50 Registration – secures your place, and the cost is £95 per round for registered riders. Non-registered riders pay £120 per round. Non-MCF license holders will have to pay £15 for two days licence, and if you don’t have your own transponder it’s £10 hire for two days.

Apico 2-Stroke Festival Track Work Starts!

The diggers moved into the old-school Sellindge track in Kent this weekend as preparations start for the Apico 2-Stroke Festival on August 5-6. First to go in is a bit of irrigation to make sure the track gets well watered. Then mods to the Kent-based circuit itself start! Check out Peek Drone‘s footage of Dave Willet riding his smoker around the track to give you an idea of the circuit in its current state.

Entries are filling up fast for the event. Check out all the details on the official Apico 2-Stroke Festival web site and get entering right now!